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GST Opinion Drafting

Unitax will Revolutionize GST Opinion Drafting

In a complicated law like GST, it at times becomes necessary for the taxpayers to get opinion drafting services from a team of professional. It is usually found that an opinion forms a critical ingredient in top level decision making. Therefore, it is necessary that the team providing GST opinion drafting services should be updated and should have ability to understand the law in right perspective. At Unitax, we engage a team of professionals who have a thorough knowledge about the subject and has hands on experience of GST opinions drafting for corporate and other clients. Our experts understand that opinion does not mean a personal opinion, but a well-crafted legal document backed by facts, laws and figures. The opinions must have validity in the court of law. Hence our opinions are drafted in such a way that all the aspects which are necessary for decision making are catered for.

What difficulty you face in GST opinion drafting as professional?

Going by the standard way, most of the opinions are framed as per the mindset of the draftsmen. He tends to give weigh to his personal understanding and interpretation. It is seen that there is no standardization or a legal process which is followed in various opinions. Instead of deep research such opinions are drafted based upon the readily available content just to fulfill the job. The opinions lack quality content and up to date legal provisions. This leads to fractured decision making which becomes critical for business concerns.

How are opinions of Unitax Different?

  1. We segment our opinions into different sections. At the foremost we analyze the question to which client is seeking responses. Our experience tells that at various occasions, clients are also not clear as to what questions they are looking answers for. We do a deep research and consulting session with the client to understand the pain areas and its criticality. Once the pain area is discovered after rounds of discussion, we reach to the moot question for which reply is being sought. 

  2. Once the client and Unitax reach on consensus about the question, our team does extensive research from the latest databases available. Our research team not only look for law provisions but tends to take a holistic view of the issue before putting it on paper. We ensure that our research answers the question from all the perspectives.

  3. Drafting of opinion is an art which should answer the question which client is looking at. After deriving to moot question, we segment our opinions in different sections such as discovering moot question, background of the case, legal position, provisions applicable on client and finally drawing the conclusion. This gives the complete picture about the issue to the client and help them considered strategic decisions.

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