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GST Solutions for Professionals

Unitax: The GST Solutions for Professionals

Unitax is an end-to-end encrypted online platform which provides solutions to GST problems which professionals face in their professional lives. It is an integrated GST Solutions for Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Bookkeepers. Unitax is highly confidential and with an assurance that your client shall not be  poached.

The purpose of creating the platform was to enable the professionals serve their clients with best-in-class services. Our Research revealed that though having large number of customers, most of the professionals are unable to meet the challenge of keeping themselves updated and, they don’t find time to draft replies and opinions in their busy work schedule. Unitax comes to them as a handy tool to get the best-in-class replies prepared for their clients including latest amendments, case laws, notifications, and circulars. Our research team is dedicatedly working towards creating the database out of the content available.

Why Unitax?

Unitax comes with load of advantages to the professionals which help them add value to their clients. Here are few benefits in getting replies prepared from Unitax:

  1. It is simple, safe, and secure.
  2. Up to date law including latest amendments, case laws and notifications.
  3. Customer Retention.
  4. Best Turnaround Time.
  5. Higher Profit Margins.

Databases we use:

At Unitax we use best available databases. Our databases include 1. Cbic.gov.in 2. TIOL 3. Tax Management India 4. EXCUS 5. The Black Legal Dictionary 6. UK VAT Case Studies and many others which are reliable and are backed in the Indian Courts.

What is the process to be followed at Unitax?

Getting the quality drafts to GST Notices and preparation of opinions are very simple with Unitax. Follow the steps and you are done:

Step 1: Register and Authenticate on www.unitax.in

Step 2: Add your query on your dashboard

Step 3: Unitax team presents you with the case Fact Sheet

Step 4: Approve and get the reply/opinion prepared

Yes, it is that simple. We at Unitax believe that empowering the consultants would create a win-win situation for all. Join Unitax Now:

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Welcome to Unitax

Integrated GST Solutions for Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Bookkeepers.

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