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Replies to GST Notices

Replies to GST Notices Solution For Professionals!

GST being a highly complex law with large interpretational issues, lack of clarity and number of judgments flowing, it becomes essential that replies to GST Notices issued by the department are tackled well. In our decade old experience of handling Indirect Tax Department proceedings, we realize that it is altogether a different way how matters must be handled with them. Unlike the Income Tax Department, there is no discussion which GST officers do, or simply put, they keep taxpayers in the dark till the matter is finally adjudicated. At times it is important to engage professionals who can provide quality GST Notice reply solutions which are as per law, smartly drafted with up-to-date contents.

At Unitax, our research team is equipped with the latest databases such as TIOL, EXCUS, TMI, SCC online, Black Legal Dictionary, UK VAT Case Laws and many others which are reliable and give an edge to our team while drafting replies to GST Notices. We at Unitax believe that preparation of replies to GST Notices must be precise, to the point explaining all facts and figures of the case. Where law is complex and tedious, even the minutest details which are left due to oversight can leave a taxpayer in a bad state.

How is unitax drafting different?

Drafting a reply to GST Notice is an art which we follow at Unitax. We divide our opinions and replies in different sections comprising of

1. Brief facts of the case
2. The moot question
3. The Legal position
4. How is law applicable on question
5. Conclusion about the issue.

Such a reply to GST notice gives a holistic view to the department and the taxpayer which increases the probability of matter being decided in the favor of the taxpayer. Our reply to GST notices is not only smart but are also deeply researched to ensure that we do not oversight any important facts or law point. We understand that preparing such replies need highly experienced professionals having knowledge not only about GST but also other allied laws which may be applicable. Hence, we at Unitax, has consultants who have experience of at least a decade in handling a subject matter with the government authorities. We ensure that replies to GST notices is prepared by the team of professionals who understand the law correctly and can turnaround things for our clients.

If you are a professional who wish to serve clients with best-in-class services in GST, Unitax is for you as well. Unitax not only maintains utmost secrecy and confidentiality but also helps professionals in earning better margins, customer retention with the help of its fidelity clause and smart tech support. The replies to GST Notices were never that simple, transparent, and smart. Join Unitax now.

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