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Opinion Drafting

Unitax provides best in class opinion drafting services.

With experience of drafting over hundreds of GST opinions, our team is an expert who understands how useful an opinion can be. Unitax ensures that opinions prepared by our team includes latest amendments, notifications, circulars, case laws which gives an edge to our clients. We understand that opinion is not only about answering the queries, but it is an art to resolve the most technical issues at hand. Our opinions are handy, easy to approach and available 24X7 on Unitax portal. Our opinions are vetted by legal experts and goes through several rounds before it is presented before the client. And all this happens in our research labs which are highly secure with no possibility of data infringement.

Free replies for GST notices
replies for GST notices

Replies to GST Notices

With the tremendous pressure on the Revenue to collect more taxes, taxpayers are bound to receive large number of notices.

The common notices include differences in GSTR 3B and GSTR 2A, claim of ineligible Input Tax Credit, issues while generating eway bill, Reverse Charge Mechanism and many others. Issues which had been settled in service tax regime have again cropped up leading to interpretational issues. When a company or client receives such notices, it immediately creates panic. Unitax helps you release that panic and helps you remain stress free with team of its GST experts. Our experts not only ensures that replies to these notices are prepared but also dig into important aspects like validity of notice, legality of notice and many other such fundamental questions, so that case is well presented before the authority. Our SOPs are such that when a reply is prepared, it includes up to date notifications, circulars, amendments, and case laws and are professionally researched. At Unitax, we believe on merits and nothing else.

Assistance in Departmental Audits

The experience of Unitax team is that since the tax department is under tremendous pressure of recovery and tax collections, the audits by them are more stern which leaves the taxpayers barging here and there for help an expert.

There are various interpretational issues which the department plays with. These leads to huge demands which builds tremendous amount of financial pressure on the taxpayers. At times, it is found that procedures are not followed properly by the department. Due to lack of knowledge of his rights, taxpayer continuous to bear the agony of the authorities without having any idea that it was not required. With Unitax, these audits are now hassle free. Unitax lets its clients know the weak points before hand which strengthen the taxpayers in combatting the issues at department level. Our team helps in educating the taxpayer about how to prepare the records, how to present them and most importantly how to interpret them. Audits are no more difficult with Unitax.

GST Audit Assistance