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Unitax very strongly stick to its Privacy Terms.The company proclaims themselves as the sole owner of the data and informationcollected and reflected on this website. We have the access to collect andextract data and information that is either brought together by usage stats andlogs or if you willingly give us via email or another direct medium. We arerestricted not to sell this data and information or use it for solicitingtaxpayers. Unless you allow us not to, we may sometimes contact you via emailin future to notify you about our new products or services, or changes to thisprivacy policy through newsletters, subscriptions, etc.

1. What Information do we collect?

1.1 Non-Personal and Collected Information – Some of the common user data and information get collected automatically when you visit our Website. We collect common data, such as the name of the referral Web page through which you have entered our Site, the domain name, the no. of webpages & retaining time on each webpage you visit our Website. As the part of our usual data procedure we use the collected data and information to constantly track, perform the inner analysis and improve our Website.

1.2 Private data and information Submitted by User- You may choose to use the website as a visitor and send us your personal information such as your name, mailing address, and telephone number, etc. The reason for this often includes the information regarding the common queries, registrations requests or submission of resume through our website. Your personal data and information are collected and utilized for that particular purpose only for which you intended to provide information to us and otherwise in the case required by the law.

2. Unsubscribing From Our Services Related News

We have made the process for un-subscribing to our product services easy. You may unsubscribe to any of the future contacts at any time from us by sending an email at

3. Security

When you submit the sensitive data and information via our site, we take all necessary precautions to secure your data and information in both offline and online mode. The Sensitive data and information such as online transaction is done by the third party merchandisers and through the limited, encrypted information, is practised to be kept under safe measures.

Encryption is done to secure the sensitive data transmitted online to us though we protect your information offline also. Only the employees who need your specific data and information to perform their job like billing or customer service are granted to access your personally identifiable information. Our data storing servers and networks are secure and reliable.

4. Privacy Policy Changes

Unitax reserves the right to change and put into practice its Privacy Policy Terms from time to time at its sole discretion. Your access to this site will be subjected to the current version of the policy. The time when Unitax updates its privacy policy, the relevant data and information will be posted here, or notification will be sent you in your mail.