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Precautions a consultant should take while dealing with clients

Being into the profession of drafting replies and opinions for the professionals, we at Unitax have observed that most of the consultants get trapped in the misdoings of their client without even knowing about it. And in the web of the happenings, consultants are unable to bring themselves out of the moor. It is very important that consultants must observe utmost precautions while dealing with the clients. They need to understand that it is not their own matter but of a client who just needs to get his work done. Nothing More, nothing less, hence creating the boundaries is important.

Unitax hereby recommend the following precautions which you must take as a consultant:
  1. At the foremost we as consultants are in habit to access the online accounts of our client unauthorizedly. This calls for huge liabilities under Information Technology Act. You must take the declaration from the client in this respect before accessing his online account.
  2. Try to buy a domain and run your emails on that instead of using third party email portal. As financial consultants, the sensitive data may be put at risk by using the third-party applications.
  3. Abstain from using WhatsApp for official communication. The communications received on WhatsApp or through any other informal medium may not be appropriate for the financial data. It is recommended that the communication with client should be done on dedicated official emails.
  4. Never enter your email address and phone numbers while uploading registration of the client. It may lead you in trouble when notices are served online on your email. It is preferred that contact details of the client must be entered.
  5. Whenever preparing any reply or document for the client, do ensure to take power of attorney from the client. Most of time resulting from casual talks, consultants tend to go ahead with the case without the authority.
  6. Apply your mind on the data sent by the client. Our experience shows that most of the time client share only half cooked information which may prove damaging when you interact with the department.
  7. Never go over the top for the client with the department. Locking horns with the department is of no use. Client is just like another patient for the doctor, he does not get emotionally attached with the clients. Locking Horns with the department may land you in bad phase.
  8. Charge the fees which you deserve. There is no tomorrow for the payments towards the efforts you are putting in today. When you are on your seat, its all about business and money you make. Understand your worth and go ahead ask for fee.


Above are the few precautions which are necessary for you to take to make your life easier as a consultant. Following or abstaining them may be a personal choice of the consultant but they are surely recommended for better consulting services.

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