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GSTR-9C (Annual Reconciliation Statement for Normal Taxpayers)

GSTR-9C is a Self-certified Reconciliation Statement, which is required to file along with the GSTR-9  (Annual Return) by all the registered taxpayers who have aggregate turnover during a financial year is more than Rs. 5 crore as specified in Sec. 44 of CGST Act.

GSTR-9C is applicable for Normal Taxpayers including SEZ unit and developer. It is not applicable to the Central Government, a State Government, or a local government whose books of accounts are subject to audit by the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India or an auditor appointed for auditing the accounts of local governments under any current law.

There are some pre-conditions for filing of Annual Return, which are as follows:

  • User should be registered under GST and should have valid GST Number.
  • User should have valid login credentials
  • GSTR-9 has filed for relevant financial year
  • Books of account have been audited


GSTR-9C is a statement of Reconciliation between –

  • Annual Return (GSTR-9) filed for financial year and
  • Audited Annual financial Statement


New Amendments

Earlier GSTR-9C was required to certify by the Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant but now through Notification No. 30/2021 – Central Tax, Dated 30 July 2021, requirement of certification from the Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant has removed.

GSTR-9C Due Date

GSTR-9C is required to file on or before 31 December following the end of the relevant financial year. For Example: For Financial Year 2020-2021, GSTR-9C should file upto 31 December 2021.

GSTR-9 Format

GSTR-9 form consist of 3 Parts –

PART -A: Reconciliation Statement

PART- B: Certification – Omitted Now

Documents to be attached

Further PART-A Reconciliation Statement has divided into 5 Parts:

  1. Basic Details – Details like GSTIN Number, Legal Name, Trade Name, Name of other Act in which taxpayer is liable to audit have covered in this part.
  • Reconciliation of turnover declared in audited Annual Statement with turnover declared in Annual Return – In this part reconciliation of Gross Turnover amount and Taxable Turnover amount between Audited Annual Statement and GSTR-9 is made, if there is any difference between the two then reasons of unreconciled amount is mentioned.
  • Reconciliation of Tax Paid – In this part reconciliation of rate wise report liability and amount payable between Audited Annual statement and GSTR-9 is made, if there is any difference between both then reason of unreconciled payment and tax and additional amount payable will be reported.
  • Reconciliation of Input Tax Credit – In this part reconciliation of Net ITC claimed in Annual Return (GSTR-9) with ITC availed as per audited financial statement, ITC declared in Annual return with ITC availed on expenses as per audited financial statement or books of account, reason for unreconciled ITC, Tax amount payable on un-reconciled difference in ITC is reported.
  • Additional Liability due to non-reconciliation – This part consist of any additional liability to be paid by the taxpayer due to the non-reconciliation of turnover or non-reconciliation of input tax credit. If taxpayer have claimed any refund, which is invalid or if there is any outstanding demand then will be paid back though this part.


PART-B Certification

PART-B certification shall be omitted through the Notification No. 30/2021- Central Tax

Relevant Documents required to upload –

Below documents will be uploaded along with GSTR-9C filing:

  1. Balance sheet
  2. Profit & loss statement/income & Expenditure account
  3. Other documents, if any.

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